Preschool Readers @ Princeton Playspace

Two Free Meet & Greets: 

1.) Thursday, June 22nd 3:30-4:00

2.) Friday, June 23rd 4:15-4:45

At Preschool Readers, we give 3-5-year-olds an academic advantage by maximizing their potential through accelerated reading instruction. During your child's reading sessions, our Preschool Reading Specialist provides a FUN and engaging approach to learning to read, one that creates a lifetime of academic advantages and success! 

Join us at one of the above dates for an informal event where you'll learn all about Preschool Readers and your child will receive a free mini-reading assessment with a Preschool Readers Reading Specialist to determine your child’s readiness in our Preschool Readers sessions at Princeton Playspace. 

Should the assessment determine your child is ready to begin reading sessions, you will choose either Thursday's 3:30-4:00 OR Friday's 4:15-4:45 for your preschoolers weekly reading sessions at Princeton Playspace. Sessions will begin July 6th & 7th.

For pricing and FAQ, click HERE> Enrichment Center Frequenly Asked Questions.

Wondering if your 3-5 year old is ready to begin reading? Download our checklist, 

"Top 5 Signs Your Child Is Ready To Read

"I am truly amazed at the progress my 4-year-old grandson has made with this accelerated reading program. Normally kids are reading at this level in Kindergarten or 1st grade and he hasn’t started Pre-K! I think this reading program is phenomenal!" 

Sara Hubbard


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