Introducing the FREE 5-Day #PrintRichEnvironment Challenge 

Recent research on the development of reading and writing skills in young children is unequivocal; the young child must begin to gain literacy skills during the very early years to be academically successful.  

One way to begin to accomplish this is for the child to be immersed in a print-rich environment. 

Enter your email address below and each morning for 5 days, beginning Monday, January 8th, you’ll receive an email that lays out your daily challenge. Each challenge provides your preschooler the opportunity to see and respond to language in a context that is motivating and significant to them. The family with the most creative daily posts wins a Barnes & Noble Gift Card!  

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Who: Parents of children ages 2-7  

What: Free 5-Day #PrintRichEnvironment Challenge  

When: Monday, January 8th thru Friday, January 12th  

Where: Online. You’ll snap a picture then post to either Instagram or Facebook with: #PrintRichEnvironment & #PreschoolReaders. Be sure to @preschoolreaders  

Why: We wanted to provide an easy, engaging, and interactive way for you to be aware of the features of a print rich environment and its importance in fostering your child’s early literacy development  


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