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Let Their Confidence Grow With Preschool Readers 

A whole new world will open for your 3-5 year old when you give them the academic advantage of learning to read before their first day of kindergarten.  

Preschool Readers offers private sessions with one of our highly qualified Preschool Reading Specialists. Scheduled once a week, each session is 30 solid minutes of personalized, in-home instruction.  

Using a variety of hands-on games and activities, our reading specialists provide a truly engaging and FUN approach to learning to read, one that creates a lifetime of success!  

All Reading Sessions Are:  

🍎 In-home  

🍎 Once A Week  

🍎 30 Minutes  

🍎 One-On-One

Confidence, It's Good To Start Early!

Join us for a FREE reading assessment ($75 value) to determine if your child is ready for in-home reading sessions with Preschool Readers.  


1. Now: Click on your city below to sign your child up for our free reading assessment.  

2. Assessment Day: Our Preschool Reading Specialist spends time getting to know your preschooler and administers a one-on-one reading assessment to determine if they are ready to begin Preschool Readers.  

3.) Post Assessment: Within the week following your child’s assessment, you will receive the results.  

4.) Enrollment: Should the assessment determine your child is ready to begin reading, we work together to schedule the best day/time for your child’s weekly, in-home reading sessions with one of our highly qualified Preschool Readers Reading Specialists. 

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