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When your child starts school, you have big dreams for them. You want them to be happy, confident, and successful.

But did you know that most children begin their educational journey unprepared to achieve those things? Many kids don’t have the tools they need -- and they can quickly fall behind.

Preschool Readers is here to help!  Ensuring your child has what they need to succeed and lead in kindergarten and beyond. 

Our award-winning accelerated reading instruction teaches your child to read before they start school.

We begin with an assessment that is used to customize a plan for your child based on their individualized needs and learning style. Then, one of our reading specialists works with your learner during one-on-one, weekly sessions that include a variety of literacy-rich games and activities that are fun, educational, and extremely effective.

All Of Our Reading Sessions Are:

🍎 30 minutes

🍎 once a week

🍎 in-home/virtual

🍎 one-on-one

Join us for a FREE reading assessment ($75 value) to determine if your child is ready to begin reading instruction.  

Now: Click on your city below to fill out the contact form and schedule your child’s FREE reading assessment, which will determine if your child is ready to begin reading instruction.

Assessment Day: Our Preschool Reading Specialist spends time getting to know your child with a focus on their concentration level, ability to follow directions, and reading readiness. Assessments take no longer than 15 minutes.

Post Assessment:  Within a week following the assessment, you will be emailed the results.  Should the results determine your child is ready to begin reading instruction, we work together to schedule the best day and time for their weekly, 30-minute reading sessions.

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