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Splash Into Reading Summer Program  

Join Preschool Readers this summer as our Preschool Reading Specialists use a variety of water-based games and activities to make learning sight words fun for your 3-5-year-old! Splash into Reading was created with your active little one in mind. We're making reading hands-on with sight word water balloons, water guns, beach balls, fishing for sight words... the list goes on!  

Let Us Help With...  

Kindergarten Readiness: developing an edge up on demanding and rigorous school curriculum, preventing your child from struggling and falling behind. Preschool &Kindergarten Interviews: providing an academic advantage when it comes to interviews, easing the stress of getting into the school of your choice. Summer Slide: students who do not read over the summer will lose reading momentum, it's called the summer slide, and this reading loss is cumulative. Our reading specialists will prevent your child from experiencing this slide by providing one-on-one, personalized, in-home instruction with customized lessons to match their unique needs and individual learning style. Confidence: nurturing your child's confidence prior to the start of school makes academic success inevitable - confident children are eager to learn new skills and face new challenges!  


Who: Children ages 3-5 (Splash Into Reading is available to new Preschool Readers students only)  

What: 8 week long summer reading program (once weekly 30 minute sessions)  

Where: Sessions are held in the comfort of your home  

Price: Two payments of $299 (plus a one-time material fee of $75)  

When: Splash Into Reading runs through the summer months (June, July, August)...  

We work together to schedule the best day and time for your child’s weekly reading sessions You let us know the start date that is best for you.  

The Process

  • Apply Now: Click the red APPLY NOW button below to complete the Splash Into Reading Application 
  • Discovery Call: We will review your application and within two business days, you'll receive a phone call from one of our Preschool Reading Specialists to discuss whether Splash Into Reading is the right fit for you and your preschooler 
  • Enrollment: If we find your preschooler is ready, we work together to schedule the best day and time for your preschoolers weekly reading sessions this summer  


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